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A cloud-based

Customers Engagement System Software

We are the business partner with Freshworks for Hong Kong and China Market.

What is Freshdesk?

Everything you need to redefine your customer support. With Freshdesk, your teams become more efficient and quicker at resolving customer matters.

  • Everything can be converted into tickets, no more switching between multiple tools, missing out on follow ups and delaying replies.

  • Freshdesk helps you work together with your team from across the company to provide quick and consistent answers to your customers.

  • Unify customer information with multichannel helpdesk. Follow up with customers and keep track of conversations right away.

  • Help customers by creating a self-service experience with forums, which can also help reduce the ticket volume being received.

  • Design a helpdesk that is perfect for your business with Freshdesk’s customization capabilities.

  • Secure your data with enterprise-grade security systems that protect your product and platform.


Why Freshdesk?


All these companies, including Fortune 500 companies, are using Freshdesk CLOUD solutions!



Customer support is everybody’s business! Now you can try Freshdesk FREE for 21 days, sign up now! 

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